Benefits of Excel Data Manipulation Tool for Salesforce

This data manipulation tool is perfect for the manipulation of data. It has all the basic mathematical functions such as additions, subtraction, multiplication, and others. The mathematical functions are employed in the entry and calculation of data. The data is then analyzed. With this powerful tool manual calculations are going to be forgotten. After calculation it has the tools that are capable of analyzing and arranging data according to how you want it to be.

Excel Cloud application supports data manipulation tool. This will give you easier time to the sense that even if it is not installed on the computers you can still do the manipulation and analysis of the data without any limitation. Some data manipulation tools can only function when the application is preinstalled on the computers. Excel data manipulation tool can run on or Excel desktop as Microsoft add-in.

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Excel data manipulation software can do a direct analysis of data and solve errors immediately. It has the capacity of identifying mistakes and correct them quickly during data analysis. The final document will not have errors since the errors are corrected quickly. Compared with other manipulation tools which cannot analyze the data properly and the errors can also not be identified. Excel data manipulation tool does a quality work once .
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It is also productive. This is so in the sense that you can move the data directly between Salesforce and Excel. A lot of time wasted in copy pasting is going to be minimized hence lessen the amount of energy used. With this manipulation tool you can do a lot of work within a short period rather than copying and pasting thus making it productive.

It has the capability of accommodating many users. This includes the Salesforce administrators, Sales representatives, sales directors and all other Salesforce staff.Examples of the users he can accommodate are Salesforce administrators, Sales representatives, sales directors and all other Salesforce staff. There is no condition that only one user can access it.

Excel data manipulation tool is also safe. For the users to access the data they are being given permission to the Salesforce role. the information is secure and private since nobody can access the data without the permission from the supervisor. Any attempt to access the data without permission will lead to automatic blockage.

The manipulation tool also allows you to do mass update of data. This is a functionality that allows you to refresh a bulk of Salesforce records within seconds. This is a feature that other manipulation tools does not have since they update data one by one.

It also has the capability of providing the real-time searches for field during data entry. This is of importance since you will not have to keep your brain thinking of figures that have already been displayed.