The Need of Dogs in our Society

Why do people love dogs? If you observe your neighborhood, you will probably notice that almost all houses have dogs regardless of the size, breed, and number. If you are going to assess what you have observed, you can conclude that dogs are really man’s best friend, But why is that that dogs dominate the world when it comes to pet?

When you say the word dog, the first definition that will come to your mind, or for anyone for that matter, is its cliche meaning – man’s best friend. Most of us even treat dogs as their own children because they are really lovable pets. Even the kids crave for pet dogs, too. Dogs have the abilities to make your day from grey into rainbow colors. In fact, even if you are still few meters away from your home, your dog can already smell you and he will bark. That is their cue that you are actually close to your home. Once you enter your home, he wiggles his tails, jump, run with madness and just play with you. This will actually prove that dogs really deserve to be man’s best friends. They make you happy even in your darkest days. Playing with them gives you joy and turn your bitter mood to a very sweet one.

Overwhelmed by the Complexity of Pets? This May Help

Your dogs also play other important roles in your lives. Your dog is actually the one who can protect you also. Regardless of how cute and tiny they are, dogs will always be tough if they feel that threat is present. If you notice, when there is a person unknown to them, they just bark and will not stop not unless you told them so. Your dogs serve as your protector to ensure that you are always safe. They ensure that your home is protected especially from threat of burglars. The dogs are very alert creatures and even if they are sleeping, they will wake up if they feel threat is present. So you can’t blame houses if they want to raise dogs to these things for them.
Case Study: My Experience With Dogs

Depending on the breed of dog, you can also find those who are being trained thoroughly to become police dogs. Dogs are also very keen in finding bombs or other forms of threat in an area as part of their training. Dogs will risk their lives for the sake of human protection. They are also trained to chase bad people. The resting time of police dogs are not fixed either since they need to be alert especially when they are being accompanied by their trainer. Only professional trainers can be able to produce police dogs.

Dogs are wonderful creations. They also need love and they deserve to receive it from us. So if you are planning to have your own dog at home, make sure you take good care of them.