A Short Talk on Wilderness International

Wilderness International is an organization founded in January 2005 with the slogan “Conservation through Active Participation”. At present, it is serving in Eastern Washington, Northern Idaho, and both Western and Central Oregon. The organization operates from funds that come from a combination of donations from members, governmental grants and organizational sponsorship.

Project Types

Five project types the organization participates in include Community Environmental Education, Community Conservation, Church and Community Partnerships, At-Risk Youth Development, and Outdoor Adventures. The underlying purpose for these participation is to provide everybody the opportunity to get to know God and be closer to him by checking out the things he made.
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Conservation Projects
Wilderness International has engaged itself to various community conservation projects. Few of these are Cross Park, Meldrum Bar Park, Molalla River-Table Rock Recreation Area, and Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife.
Goals for Conservation
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The Christian organization is being motivated and fired up with several conservation. First, it seeks to foster awareness in a local community of the advantages of keeping a healthy ecosystem. In line with that, it desires to improve community involvement in conservation projects. Secondly, it aims to improve the native and natural habit by means of the removal of invasive plant as well as the restoration of native vegetation. It also seeks to construct educational kiosks, trails, campground facilities and protective fencing. The fourth of its goals is to reduce risks of wildfire by reducing fuels. Last of all, it aims to enhance opportunities of native wildlife populations for food and shelter.

Its Outdoor Adventures

In its pursuit of improving man’s relationship with its creator, the organization conducts several outdoor activities for the local community. Participants of said adventurous activities are its local community teams, affiliate and friend churches, as well as its youth organizations. The organization most of the times initiate outdoor activities that range from hunting and rafting and down to hiking and backpacking. Side by side with said activities are the fulfillment of the core and surface goals and aims of the Christian organization.

The organization improvement are also among the things begin given focus by the organization. In most communities, youth is a part of public and community offenders. The organization is in active participation with community programs and activities that desire to help youths that are at-risk and aid them to full development. With most of these projects, youths are encouraged to give community service hours as well as the chance to make money out of something good. In addition to that, the said projects also seek to provide better opportunities for the youth to improve their skills and readiness for employment. By far, this is in line with its aim for conservation.