Sealcoating Asphalt Pavements

Appearance of potholes and cracks on asphalt pavements is a common occurrence especially for those with pavements in their homes. Heightened cracking may however lead to a reduction in the service life of the asphalt pavements. Dry weather conditions are one of the factors that affect these pavements especially when there are hot temperatures. Vehicle traffic, tree roots, litter, oil, sand and gas are also other factors that might lead to degradation of the pavement. As long as your pavement is exposed to these factors, it is bound to experience a lot of damage which will reduce its service life. Pavements that are well taken care of and properly maintained through crack filling, regular sweeping, sealcoating and pothole repair get to last longer due to their good condition.

The benefits of sealcoating your pavement are usually very many. One of them is the fact that sealcoating plays an important role in minimizing repair of parking lots and pavements since asphalt repairs will not be needed. One of the ways in which sealcoating is essential is when it helps prevent exposing one’s pavement from extreme weather conditions that might cause damage on it. It also helps to improve on the appearance of your pavement as it looks new and appealing as well for passersby. Sealcoating helps prevent damage of the pavement from gas, oil or salt as it becomes resistant.

The work of maintaining pavements is usually carried out by professional pavement contractors. These professionals mainly work on commercial facilities and offer services such as pothole repair, resurfacing, crack filing among other asphalt repair services. However, the main service they offer for their clients is sealcoating. The service life of your pavement can only be improved on once sealcoating has been done on the pavement at the right time and properly for that matter. There are extra maintenance costs that one might incur when they are trying to repair their damaged pavement surfaces which is why sealcoating it early enough will come in handy.
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Those who have pavements should always hire professionals to sealcoat them from time to time in order for it to last longer and have a better appearance. In order for one to get the best results they want on their pavements, they should ensure they hire the right pavement contractor or company with professionals. The cost of sealcoating usually varies with different companies and contractors and it is calculated based on square footage. The number of potholes to be repaired, cracks to be filled as well as the amount of labor needed are also taken into account in order to come up with the total cost.
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Before sealcoating is done, one should ask the paving contractor to come and inspect the pavement beforehand. This way, they will know the amount of labor and materials needed and can give you a free quote as well.