Facts About Wilderness International

Wilderness International is one of those very few non-profit conservation organizations that sees itself as a devoted Christian group committed to the preservation of God’s creation here on Earth. Having been formed back in 2005, it is a rather young organization but has rapidly increased in membership ever since. The group was first formed in the U.S., but it now has reached neighboring Canada. According to the organization, the idea behind its formation is “to encourage everyone to care for, experience, and enjoy God’s amazing creation.”

Funding Info

While the organization itself is rather unique, its funding source is pretty much the same to that of other non-profit groups, including government grants, donations from member individuals, and sponsorships.
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5 Uses For Companies

Wilderness International currently is busy with its involvement and management of five unique projects. These are Community Conservation, Outdoor Adventures, At-Risk Youth Development, Community Environmental Education, and Church and Community Partnerships. But in those five projects, Community Conservation is what Wilderness International is widely known. In general, the project is really about a bunch of unique conservation efforts directed towards specific communities.

Considering that Oregon is the group’s headquarters, it’s not really surprising to see that majority of the group’s programs under the Community Conservation are found there. One example is in Gladstone, where the group manages Meldrum Bar Park, the highlight of which is the wetland areas that are home to a wide range of birds, fish, small mammals, and reptiles; the park became the host of several activities for the community members.

Starting in 2009, Wilderness International upped its efforts in community conservation by establishing a Native Habitat Demonstration Garden, in the process restoring an 11-acre tract previously named as a natural area. The fact is in seven years and running, the project has remained as the group’s main focus.

Organization Goals

For the moment, Wilderness International’s Conservation Project has several goals in mind. This includes the hope of increasing community involvement as well as local awareness with regards of maintaining a healthy ecosystem. As for the hands-on approach, the project likewise wants to improve watershed health and native habitats using the distinctive method of invasive plant removal, the purpose of which is to replace them with native vegetation.

Next, Wilderness International also wants to participate and be active in building infrastructures, but it isn’t for the benefit of industries. The infrastructure the group wants to build includes campground facilities, protective fencing, trails, and others that promote the protection of natural habitats.

Finally, Wilderness International wants to contribute to raising opportunities such as food and shelter to the native wildlife in areas where they currently cover. In today’s world where there is very little concern about environmental and community conservation, groups like Wilderness International certainly deserves recognition.

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