The Different Spiritual States of Personal Power

In life, every person would face spiritual as well as physical challenges. These challenges would help you learn those lessons that will let you evolve to a different person and would increase higher qualities of personal power too. Every person would face different circumstances wherein the challenges would present themselves. Hence, one should learn the life lessons probably at various periods in your life and progress at different degrees and from the different happenings. People would also respond as well as act differently to every lesson being presented.

With your experiences in life, observation and also reading those spiritual as well as metaphysical type books and through training and certification, you may have realized that the life challenges and also the lessons would relate to and are connected to the primary energy power centers which are the chakras. There are possibilities that you have observed such in your life as well as in the life of the other people too.

You would start at the early stage in your life through knowing the life lessons. For instance, you are presented with those challenges which teach you about how to live with your family and also how to follow the rules of the tribe. Then you learn to move into adulthood and know how to go out on your own to live in a community aside from the tribal family. You will then find a partner and develop the skills that will let you make money and get a profession and also become parents and others.
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Energy power centers or the chakras are linked in a vertical manner from the base of the spine to the crown of the head with the first chakra at the base and the seventh at the head. You then experience the different challenges in life and also the lessons in the first chakra. Growing older, you also move upward with the other chakras. Each lesson that you encounter is meant to help you increase your personal power.
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As you progress through the different spiritual energy centers of personal power, you would continue to have challenges and also learn those lessons to some degree in all the other chakras too. Since you exist in the physical plane, you will have to operate to some extent in energy which every chakra would show you. Otherwise, you would not be able to function well at the physical level.

As you age, there will be life challenges and you learn those lessons that are included in each. You are then going to move through such challenges and lessons in the seventh chakra. This is located at the crown of your head and such gives that spiritual connection with the universe.