Each region has a variety of the traditional drink recipes whose basic ingredients are determined by typical plants that are commonly found in the area. The most basic ingredients used to make traditional hot drinks are natural ingredients that are often found in the area such as spices and medicinal plants. For example, ginger, turmeric, zedoary, and cinnamon.

How to make this traditional warm drink is not difficult and does not require special skills. The steps of making it quite simple, easy to understand, and does not require special equipment so you can make your own at home.

The absence of a mixture of chemicals in every drink recipe will ensure your health is not disturbed. Precisely spice ingredients that are used have been shown to have a variety of natural substances that are beneficial to maintain your body’s health.

Although no one doubts the efficacy of the spices and natural ingredients that are the ingredients of the maker, the traditional beverages of the archipelago begin to erode by the factory-made beverage packaging.

It is not wrong if you buy a traditional herbal drink that has been packaged in a bottle if the reason is practical. Yet the content of natural substances in it is not much different from traditional homemade drinks.

But if everyone thinks so then, who will preserve traditional drink recipes?

Warm ginger drinks are one example of traditional drinks that can be made in a simple way. Nevertheless, ginger drinks have extraordinary benefits such as coughing, lowering fever, lowering high blood pressure to prevent heart attacks and strokes.

There are still many types of traditional warm drinks that are not only delicious to drink but also contain health benefits and benefits extraordinary.

Here are a variety of recipes that you can try yourself at home to just warm up in the rainy season or if you happen to live in areas with cold temperatures.

Hot lemongrass.

In addition to the need for seasoning, it turns out that lemongrass can be a delicious and delicious hot drink. The content of citronella substances used to help calm the mind when stress strikes. Lemongrass can also be a medicine that can cure colds, fever, flu, and give the effect of fragrant body odor.

Ingredients :

3 stalk lemongrass, take the stem only

500 ml of water

3 pieces of orange leaf

Brown sugar, or palm sugar, or sugar to taste.

How to make lemongrass drink:

Lightly bite goblets

Boil water until boiling, enter lemongrass, and lemon leaves then boiled for 10 minutes. Lift after boiling.

Give enough sugar to sweeten, stir well.

Serve lemongrass juice while warm

Simple round drink.

Round drink is a traditional drink originating from Java. Simply put, around drink is made from steaming warm ginger water containing balls called around. Usually served with roasted beans, fro, and bread in the beverage.

Ingredients :

250 grams of sticky rice flour

1 ginger, hit until slightly crushed

2 lemongrass, hit until slightly crushed

Fried peanuts without skin

1 liter of water

Sugar to taste

How to make a round beverage:

Boil water with sugar, lemongrass, and ginger, until boiling.

Make a dough of sticky rice flour with lukewarm water little by little until the dough can be formed.

Then form the dough of marbles seeds.

Boil water in a panel. Enter the glutinous rice flour or round circles, cook until float and then lift and drain.

Enter the round circle into the water of ginger drink, give a sprinkle of fried peanuts. Serve while warm.

Special spices drinks

This drink is suitable to drink when you are sick flu or just want to warm the body in cold weather or rainy season. Because the mixture of ginger and spices make the body into a hangar when drunk.

Ingredients :

50 grams of ginger, peeled and hit until slightly crushed

10 cm cinnamon stick

5 cloves

80 grams of sugar

10 round pepper grains

2 tbsp lemon juice

1 lemongrass, hit until slightly crushed

500 ml of clean water

How to make a spiced drink:

Ginger peeled and hit until slightly crushed. Enter the ginger, cloves, rounded pepper, sugar, and lemongrass into the pan.

Pour water into a pan, boil until boiling.

Cinnamon washed until clean, then put into the ginger stew earlier.

Simmer for 15 minutes, then add the lemon juice. Remove from the fireplace then strain.

Wedang Rempah ready to be served